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Tree Trimming/Pruning Services

“R” Tree Services has been providing professional tree trimming/pruning services for over 20 years call us for all your tree service needs. 404-804-4819

Whether tall or short, young or mature, all trees benefit from expert tree trimming or pruning. pruning improves the health and appearance of all kinds of trees, to better understand Pruning is the selective removal of tree parts to control growth, promote health, and it enhances the appearance of your tree. pruning should be done every few years to keep your trees healthy and vigorous, Pruning regularly should also be done to remove dead wood, diseased wood and weak branches.

Benefits of Pruning Trees Include:

  • Pruning of mature trees — Eliminating hazardous material, reducing liability and creating a safer environment.
  • Pruning of young trees — Establishing a strong branch structure, allowing trees to weather heavy storms as they mature.
  • Pruning of damaged trees — Removing material to allow the tree to shift its focus from shedding material to growth.

A call to us at 404-804-4819 will make an immediate difference in your trees’ and shrubs’ beauty and health, and the appearance of your entire property.